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Shirley Salmon, Mphil. PGCE, BA (President)

Music educator, teacher educator, educational researcher

Since July 2018 president of the International Orff-Schulwerk Forum Salzburg

2015 – 2018 Vice-president of the International Orff-Schulwerk Forum Salzburg

2010 - 2018 Advisor on the board of the International Orff-Schulwerk Forum Salzburg



MPhil. in Educational Science, Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck, Austria (2003) Postgraduate Certificate of Education, Froebel Institute, London University UK (1977)

BA Honours degree in Music, York University, UK (1974)


Professional experience:

1984 – 2019 lecturer at the Orff-Institute, Mozarteum University Salzburg.

2009 to 2011 interim director of the Orff Institute, 2011 to 2016 deputy director.  2002 - 2018 director of university course Music and Dance in Social Work and Inclusive Education. Director of the Special Course “Advanced Studies in Music and Dance Education - Orff-Schulwerk” 2006 - 2019, co-director of summer courses and international Orff-Schulwerk symposia.


From 2000 – 2015 part-time lecturer at the University of Teacher Education, Graz and the Private University College of Teacher Education, Graz, Austria

1987 – 2000 music and movement teacher for the County of Styria, Austria

Shirley summer 2016.jpg

Over 40 years experience teaching infants, children, teenagers and adults in kindergartens and schools and other institutions - including deaf and hard-of-hearing children, emotionally disturbed children, adults with severe disabilities.

Research interests:

Inclusive music education, AQR Assessment of the quality of relationship, Joint Attention

International courses and workshops mainly on: creative work with play songs, creative music and movement in the inclusive classroom, listening - feeling - playing, social learning through games with music and movement

Author of books and articles: see full list here

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