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The activities of the International Orff-Schulwerk Forum Salzburg include: 

I   Contact and Exchange

  • with and among national Orff-Schulwerk Associations

  • with and among Associated Schools and Institutions

  • with graduates with advanced studies in Orff-Schulwerk

  • with interested teachers, researchers, artists and institutions

II   Information

  • about Orff-Schulwerk in the past and present

  • about projects and developments in different countries

  • about courses and publications

  • about current themes with regard to contents and organizational questions

III   Publications

  • Magazine: Orff-Schulwerk Informationen / Orff-Schulwerk Heute (OSH) (see information under "Magazine")

  • Texts about the Theory and Practice of Orff-Schulwerk  (see information under "Basic Texts")

  • Reports about international Orff-Schulwerk work

  • Documentations of symposia (Book/DVD)

  • Other publications

IV   Advice

  • on publications of new adaptations of the Schulwerk

  • on academic work, publications, new editions

  • on syllabi, curricula and for lecturers in various educational and social institutions

  • on future projects

  • on the introduction of Orff-Schulwerk to an institution or country

  • on the founding of a new Orff-Schulwerk Association or Associated School/Institution

V   Events

  • Annual conventions for IOSFS members

  • Meetings with editors of Orff-Schulwerk association newsletters and magazines

  • Orff-Schulwerk symposia and other events

VI   Recommendations and Guidelines of the International Orff-Schulwerk Forum Salzburg​​

  • ​Recommendations for Orff-Schulwerk Teacher Education Courses

  • Recommendations for the founding of a national Orff-Schulwerk Association

  • Recommendations for the founding of an Associated School/Institution 

  • Plagiarism Statement (here)

    For detailed information please contact the International Orff-Schulwerk Forum Salzburg.


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