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​Free Online Event
Presented by the Macau Orff Schulwerk Association

Sunday, 26 February 2023 (online)
See times below

1st session 

Date: 26/2/2023 (Sun)

Time: 7:00pm (HKT for Asia) / 12:00nn (CET for Europe, Africa)

2nd session

Date: 26/2/2023 (Sun)

Time: 6:00pm (PST for USA)

Cantonese Opera is one of the major Chinese opera (Xiqu) categories. It is a traditional art form which was included in the first list of 518 state-level intangible cultural heritage elements. Despite the cultural differences, Cantonese opera actually shares a lot of similarities with Orff Schulwerk, which is why we find it fascinating! Like Orff Schulwerk, Cantonese Opera includes music, singing, speech, dancing; uses lots of percussion instruments, does a lot of improvisation etc. 


In these 3 hours, we would like to take you to visit Macau, see some of the performances of Cantonese opera, learn some interesting facts about it, and even try it out a bit at home! Don’t miss out! 

Props to prepare in advance:

  • Paper and colorful crayons / pens

  • Some recycled or pre-used paper 

  • White scarf or towel (longer than your arm) + rubber band / clip to pin it to clothes

  • Two kinds of material to produce wood-like sounds and cymbal-like sounds 

  • Wooden stick (drumstick, chopstick, broomstick, or others)

Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 886 1999 8607
Passcode: 171466


We hope that FORUM RESONANCES can be offered 2-3 times a year on different topics, with different formats and organized by different Orff-Schulwerk Associations.

Please contact us if you would be interested in cooperating for an event. (

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