Sofía López-Ibor (Advisor)

Music educator, teacher educator, educational researcher and performer.


Since  2010 Advisor on the board of the International Orff-Schulwerk Forum Salzburg.




Graduated in Music and Movement Education at the Orff Institute, University “Mozarteum”, Salzburg, Austria (B-Studium 1990-1992)

Bachelor in Music Performance (Recorder) by the Royal Conservatory of Music, Madrid, Spain Performance Diploma (Flute) by the Conservatory Antonio Soler, El Escorial, Spain.

Studies of Music Pedagogy in the Royal Conservatory of Music, Madrid.


Professional experience:


  • Since 1998 she is part of the faculty of the Postgraduate University Course “Advanced Studies in Music and Dance Education - Orff-Schulwerk” at the Orff Institute Salzburg

  • Since 1996 she is an AOSA approved teacher of Level Training Courses in the USA. Faculty of The San Francisco International Orff-Schulwerk program

  • 2002-2004 faculty of the Music Pedagogy Department of MUSIKENE, Spain

  • 1996- present. Music faculty at The San Francisco School (California, USA), AEOSF

  • International Orff-Schulwerk presenter in more than 35 countries around the world. Past president of AOE Spanish Orff Association

  • Author of several books and multiple articles about Elemental Music Education and Orff- Schulwerk. Editor of the Spanish Orff-Schulwerk magazine “Orff España”

  • She has served on the board of several educational institutions.


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